The Three Sisters Quilt




This vivid one-of-a-kind quilt is named “The Three Sisters” as there are 3 identical prints (from India) of beautiful ladies in there, placed around the middle of the quilt. Crazy colors, very very lively. There are fans in each corner. Fabrics from Japan, Africa (Ghana & Nigeria), Bali, Central America, Amsterdam, India and here. Cotton, wool, polyester, silk and mixes of different fibers. Light in weight, the back side is a textured beige polyester/cotton blend and there is a light batting in the middle. Nice on a wall as well. Made on a 1961 Kenmore (basic model). Dimensions are 93 inches by 73 inches. All fabrics were washed and steam-ironed before being incorporated in this work. Kindly consider the time involved in making this- about one full month.


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