Japanese Quilt




This is a very special and unique quilt. 80% of all the fabrics in it were acquired in Japan in 2019. Many were, in their past incarnations, silk kimonos or cotton yukatas (the more casual kimono worn at home for relaxation). Each square (in the middle of the bigger squares) was part of a kimono- most of these are made of silk. The more vibrant colors were children’s kimonos and the more subdued tones were ladies’ pieces. Needless to say there was a lot of time spent in carefully un-stitching these beautiful garments. Some are quite old yet still sturdy. Other fabrics (100% cotton) were bought new in Kyoto, Tokyo and Shizuoka. The white and black fabrics used to frame everything are cotton. There are the odd satin and polyester bits here and there outside the black windows. Everything was carefully washed and ironed  before being turned into this creation. It is a heavy piece, with a 100% cotton backside and light polyester batting in the middle. It is also quite big, 92 inches by 78.5 inches. Also made on my faithful 1961 Kenmore sewing machine, basic model. This one also took about a month to make.




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