The fabrication of beaded jewelry goes way back in time! When cave dwellers discovered fire, they were probably already making necklaces with shells and bones strung on vines! We seem to have a need to ornate our bodies, to look good, to attract others and seek attention by wearing beautiful decorations.

Making jewelry is very good for our brain. It develops imagination, visualization and a good hand-eye coordination. And very importantly, in this age of computers and too much time spent in front of a screen, it gives us the great satisfaction of creating from scratch a beautiful object with our own hands.

We offer jewelry-making parties for children between 4 and 11 years old.

The selection of beads and findings that we bring to your home is quite impressive! We have about 9 boxes with in each 36 different types of beads, all chromatically arranged. There is also a special box with only metallic findings- bead caps and spacer beads, all lead and nickel free. Our beads come in all sizes and styles and are mostly made of glass, resin, and wood. As well, we bring treasure boxes with special mixed  beads and well-stocked supplies of beautiful lead & nickel-free centre pieces / metallic pendants of all types. We also carry many options for boys.

Children can make 3 creations at our parties:

 1) a beaded necklace (up to 19 inches long)

2) a stretchy bracelet and also

3) a simple and elegant beaded bookmark.

As most parties for the little ones are in private homes, we need to keep supplies on a smaller scale simply for space issues but what we bring is impressive enough 😉 We need about 20 minutes for setup. We ask for a big kitchen table and then another table for extra boxes. It is always appreciated to have a little help from the family when the children are young, as it gets very busy. Good natural light is always the best and quiet music in the background is soothing and fitting for this creative session. The activity usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hour.


Basic travel, gas, setup & instruction fees is $70 and then we ask  $20 per participant. We ask for a minimum of 8 people please and a maximum of 20.

Please note that GST needs to be added to the final amount.

The first 100 km of travel are included. After, 40 cents per additional kilometer will be added to the total.

We can also offer much bigger workshops, on a much larger scale for corporate events, please contact us for more information or any questions you may have.























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