The fabrication of beaded jewelry goes back in time… way back! When cave dwellers discovered fire, they were probably already making necklaces with shells and bones strung on vines! It is in us… it is fun and addictive! We have a need to ornate our bodies, to look good, to attract others and seek attention by wearing beautiful decorations.

Making jewelry is also good for our brain. It develops imagination, visualization and a good hand-eye coordination. And very importantly, in this age of computers and too much time spent in front of a screen, it gives us the great satisfaction of having done a beautiful object with our own hands.

When we offer our jewelry-making workshops, we go to your venue and bring EVERYTHING so that participants can create their own beaded masterpieces. All that is needed is space to spread out our treasures. At our parties we provide:

– Millions of beads in boxes all arranged in chromatic order, of all colors, textures, kinds and shapes
(lampwork glass (fusion glass), cut crystal glass, clay, resin/acrylic, wood, shells, pearl glass, half-precious stones, soap stone, terra-cotta, and more) and others all mixed in bigger containers (for the thrill of “hunting” for treasures!)

– Hundreds of different metallic findings in 4 tones (silver, golden, copper and brass)
(bead caps, spacer beads, clasps, chains and jump rings)
(NO lead, NO nickel in all findings)

– A huge selection of various pendants (floral, animalistic, spiritual, beaded, etc) that can be used as centre-pieces and MANY masculine options for boys and men (skulls, eagles, geckos, pirates, dragons, etc..)

– About 10 different choices of toggle clasps (already tied to pre-cut Tiger Tail strings) in 4 tones

– Beading trays

– Many examples of necklaces, pendants on chain, bracelets, earrings, chokers and keyrings to provide a little inspiration

​-Booklets that we wrote and illustrated to give precise technical step-by-step instructions for each kind of jewelry piece that participants can make

-Printed sheet with all the beneficial attributes that our semi-precious stones can offer the wearers

-Little paper tags with “Made with Love by – For” so participants can offer their creation as a gift

-Each creation is presented in a pretty organza bag

PLEASE NOTE that we can also offer workshops that cater to only one kind of jewelry- only earrings, only bracelets, etc… this naturally reduces the amount of materials we need to bring.

FOR CHILDREN up to 10 years old-

We keep it simpler for the younger ones. The selection of beads is still great and amazing but we do not offer semi-precious stones. They can make a beaded necklace (up to 19 inches long) AND also a stretchy bracelet OR a beaded bookmark. As most parties for the little ones are in private homes, we need to keep supplies on a smaller scale simply for space issues. We need about 20 minutes for setup.


Children’s parties on SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS in Calgary and beyond:
$275 – up to 10 people
Each extra participant: $25 each

Children’s parties DURING THE WEEK (Mon – Fri) in Calgary and beyond:
$225 – up to 10 people
Each extra participant: $20 each

FOR TEENAGERS: We can easily create a special kind of jewelry party- themed or only bracelets, only earrings, etc… we have so much to choose from… Please ask us! We can adjust to your budget.

SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES and LAVA ROCK infuser bracelets workshops or parties!

We will bring boxes of semi-precious stones (round 8mm) – we carry about 25 types of gemstones- and natural lava rock beads (8 or 10mm) to your venue! Minimum of 10 people, $25 each bracelet (on sturdy stretchy cord).

SMALL JEWELRY BAR: We can bring pre-made chains (with clasp) and pendants at your customer-appreciation event! Your guests can choose their favorite pieces separately, we assemble them on site and offer the finished product in a delicate gift box.

Alternatively, we can offer the same idea but we can also wrap stone pendants live for your guests- quite the entertainment!

Please contact us for pricing (per guest)


We go all the way! And we do need a LOT of space- tables to spread materials and to work on, chairs and good natural light if possible.

It takes about an hour to unpack and arrange everything and another hour to dismantle and pack our materials.

Please contact me regarding pricing. Depending on the length of your event, the amount of participants, the location, etc, rates may vary to your advantage and there are many options on how to organize this.

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